:P Johnny

Herp a derp moment

I saw a manga named "Ties of compassion" on the mangaupdate updated list and I had to look up what compassion meant because it's been so long since I've seen that word

/cool story bro.

College is awesome btw. So awesome.
oh no you didn't


;____; You will be thoroughly missed


I don't even know where else to watch it online >: [
Not because I don't want to pay legally to watch stuff because I do but because Hulu sucks balls on it's selection and paying for multiple subscriptions is tiring, buying the dvds are expensive and FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf


What do you guys think on this? Good ? Bad? ;__;

[Icons] 26 total

Orz. Rather then studying for my finals ; I gathered my wits and made these instead. I was uber nervous posting these ;A;
Hence the date , took me 4 days to actually finish the icons and actually link to comm Dx
I'm not quite sure how the Innovator-Skittles color Revive icons came to be ..
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Raiiiiiiiiiny Days are here again


Rain, there's been too much rain D;
It usually rains like...once a year, for one day.Yet it's been raining for the past 4 days almost non-stop @_@
Though it has given me a reason to bring out the fluffy bathrobe and lots of hot chocolate. Not to mention time to actually draw out,color and finish this pic


Since the recent controversy over the airing of the Hetalia anime I've been irked how it seems Korean nationalists can't take a joke and annoyed since it seems I can't do much to help stem the anger that's directed towards Hetalia D: We Americans are just as stereotyped and satirized as Koreans are! Yet that's not a reason to actually make a petition to actually completely stop Hetalia. It's like censorship and we Americans love freedom of speech and expression >: D
(Or else I would be arrested every time I used to make Dick Cheney jokes or some other stuff.
"That guy's a Dick."
"Nah, he's the ultimate dick, Dick Cheney!"

"Hetalia Petition"

Check out the petition you guuuuuuuuuuuuys~ D: and support freedom of speech and stop the petition made by the Korean nationalists from canceling Hetalia

..I feel sorta like Stephen Colbert-ish @_@ Since he had made a fake competition with the Korean r&b singer Rain
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